Key Features
  • Extends up to 15 feet

Ideal solution to monitor real time locomotive horns.  Our horn test kits are equipped with a Quest SoundPro DL, 15’ extension cable and tripod.  This allows for the mic to be placed at 15’ to conduct the horn test.

Technical Specification.
Application Type Area Monitoring (Sound Level Meter)
Battery Life 25 hours, >10 hours
Data Logging Yes
Measurement Parameters SPL, Dose, Sel, Peak, TWA, Taktm, Ldn, Ln, PDOSE, CNEL, Exposure, C-A, Lavg/Leq, 1/1 and 1/3 Octave, Max, Min
Microphone Class/Type Type 1, Type 2
Octive Band Analysis 1/3, 1/1
Standards/Approvals IEC 61326-1 (2005), IEC 61672-1 (2002), ANSI S1.4 (R2006), ANSI S1.43 (R2007), IEC 61260 (2001), ANSI S1.11 (R2009), CE, WEEE, RoHS
Time Response Fast, Impulse, Slow