ECI Permanent Sub-Slab Monitoring System (PSSMS)

Key Features
  • NEW system - designed specifically for use in new construction
  • Premanufactured and prepackaged - ready to install in place with no assembly required
  • Self-supporting - simply placed within the gas permeable layer and embedded in the soil beneath prior to pouring of concrete slab
  • Controlled installation and greater flexibility in locations
  • No drilling required - eliminates the need for utility markout and the risk of damage to sub-slab or in-slab utilities
  • Eliminates breaching of vapor barrier, waterproofing and new concrete slab
  • Completely air-tight - becomes a part of the concrete slab
  • All gas/vapor vessels and fittings are 316 stainless steel (316 SS)
  • Slotted screen within the gas permeable layer provides for accurate gas/vapor entry zone and is blockage proof
  • Floor access containment is height-adjustable, 2
  • Floor access containment can be used to store the provided 316 SS hose barb fitting when not in use while the provided 316 SS plug is in place
  • All metal parts are non-dissimilar (stainless steel)
  • Provided hose barb sized for use with 1/4” OD x 0.17” ID tubing to match typical SUMMA® - type canister sample inlet fitting - only one tube required - eliminates sample dilution

The Permanent Sub-Slab Monitoring System (PSSMS) allows for recurrent use in sampling and diagnostic testing of gas and vapor directly below new building floor slabs.  It is designed for installation in new building concrete slabs or in new concrete slabs in existing buildings where a gas permeable layer is placed below the floor slab.

  • Periodic sub-slab gas/vapor sampling (VOC's, SVOC's, radon, methane, mercury and other inorganics)
  • Mitigation system pre/post-installation diagnostic and performance testing (Pressure Field Extension)
Technical Specification.

Title (mm) (inch) (kg) (lbs)
Available size for overall concrete slab thickness of 7.25" (extendable to 7.75") 7"
Available size for overall concrete slab thickness of 8.25" (extendable to 8.75") 8"